IAS assists Oklahoma athlete to develop portable powder supplement dispensing system

The Funnel Bag

Maureen Studniarz, inventor and avid crossfitter, recognized the need for a better way for athletes on the go to transport their supplements to the gym, to competitions, or for everyday use.  As a result, she invented the “Funnel Bag,” a portable, disposable supplement dispensing system.

“There are a lot of health programs that market protein powders or other supplements,” Studniarz said. “Most of the problems occur when people are trying to get healthy and are on the go.”

Studniarz originally sought out a patent attorney for advice on how to proceed with her invention and a patent. However, she found that the initial costs for the patent search were beyond her budget for the project.  Studniarz found the New Product Development Center through an online search and applied for their Inventors Assistance Service program.

“[Through the NPDC,] I could get a third party opinion on whether or not my idea was a good one,” Studniarz said.

Studniarz filed an IAS application and was given a report analyzing the potential for her invention.

“It is so valuable for inventors to have something like IAS that can provide you with a non-biased opinion of your idea,” Studniarz said.  “Everyone falls in love with their own idea and it’s not always as unique or as great of an idea as the inventor thinks.”

After IAS moved the concept into the engineering and design phase, Studniarz connected with Tim Hartman, an outside vendor and patent marking agent who works with the IAS.  Studniarz made a few trips to the NPDC in Stillwater, Okla., to discuss the design with NPDC associate director Jessica Stewart and undergraduate engineering interns. Once the design was finalized, Studniarz took the manufacturing drawings to Anthony Rieder of Western Nutraceutical Packaging to develop the prototype.

Aside from using it for taking supplements on the go, another great use for the Funnel Bag is for baby formula.  

“The Funnel Bag reduces the risk of spilling and allows the user to transfer their product into bottles, so Funnel Bag users will save money and product, and avoid a mess,” Studniarz said.  “The Funnel Bag will allow on-the-go people to take their supplements conveniently due to ease of transferring any supplement powder. The Funnel Bag is also large enough to hold the average size scoop of supplement powder.”

The Funnel Bag is currently patent pending. The Funnel Bag is set to be manufactured, distributed, and marketed by Western Nutraceutical Packaging of Texas. Check back soon for updates on where you can purchase this Oklahoma-born product! 

The OSU New Product Development Center (http://npdc.okstate.edu)  is an engineering extension unit of the Oklahoma State University College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology, the New Product Development Center has a service-oriented delivery model that focuses on providing education, guidance, technical engineering assistance, resources and referrals. The OSU NPDC is funded in part by the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology and is a partner in the Oklahoma Innovation Model. 


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IAS assists Oklahoma athlete with innovative supplement dispensing system
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Maureen Studniarz develops the Funnel Bag
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Funnel Bag