Inventor's Assistance Service

The Inventor's Assistance Service serves as the first point of contact for inventors across Oklahoma who are seeking assistance with preliminary market and patent research; engineering feasibility reviews; third party referrals to marketing assistance, SBDC services, and manufacturers; and product design and protytping. In 2015-2016, approximately 25 percent of invention applications received moved forward into the design and prototyping stage. 

Funding for the Inventor's Assistance Service is provided through the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology


Once IAS receives a project application, it will be processed in our system and the inventor is notified of application receipt. Applications are then assigned to IAS staff and undergraduate research assistants, who will first complete a preliminary marketing report and patent search and compile that information into a report. The research presented in the report is intended to assist the inventor in understanding the market and in making a decision on whether to move forward with the project. Depending on what is found in the research stage, IAS may or may not opt to move the project into an engineering design and prototyping stage. The decision to move forward is based on 1) market saturation and differentiation of the proposed product as compared to competitors; 2) prior art (patents) and the possibility of infringing on pre-existing patents; 3) engineering and manufacturing feasibility; and 4) resources available.

Training and Information Modules

To learn more about what the Inventor's Assistance Service can do for you, the NPDC has developed several online modules that outline patents, inventions, and how to apply for assistance.


To apply to the Inventor's Assistance Service, please fill out the appropriate application and confidentiality agreement below. You may attach the application in an email to or mail the application to:

Inventor's Assistance Service
1201 S. Innovation Way Dr., Ste 340,
Stillwater, OK 74074

NOTE: All applications must include a signed confidentiality agreement and the $175 nonrefundable application fee. 

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Learn more about the Inventor's Assistance Service
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IAS, program of the NPDC at OSU