NPDC Programs

Center for Technology Commercialization

What it provides: Business assistance, including technology assessments, industry analysis, and business diversification and development.

Ideal for: Technology-based entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, and pre-existing small businesses

Program contact: Ryan Redding, SBDC-CTC


Inventor’s Assistance Service

What it provides: Preliminary market and patent research, engineering design and development, prototype development.

Ideal for: Inventors with conceptual ideas who need more data before moving forward with development and inventors in need of drawings and models for manufacturing.

Program contact: Jessica Stewart, Program Manager


Oil/Gas Industry Diversification

What it provides: Services through the Oklahoma Innovation Model partners that will assess market expansion for companies and manufacturers currently in the oil and gas industry who are wishing to develop or modify products for new markets beyond oil/gas. Business assessments, engineering support, and product marketing guidance is included.

Ideal for: Oil and gas companies and manufacturers wanting to explore new industries.

Program contact: Robert Taylor, Ph.D., Director


Pay for Service Engineering Development

What it provides: Engineering analysis, design and/or drawing and model development provided by an undergraduate engineering intern mentored by a senior design engineer.

Ideal for: Individuals or businesses and manufacturers in need of engineering development services.

Program contact: Jennifer Vinyard, Senior Design Engineer